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With the Medical Assistant course at the American Institute of Health Science and Technology (AIHST medical assistant schools), you can begin your new career as a dedicated health professional, ready to step into the independent healthcare jobs and help patients have a positive experience. and specific clinical roles in hospital jobs and provides a link between patients, insurance companies, care providers, and specialists.

Benefits of being a medical technician degree program: Medical assistants work in a variety of settings including hospitals, doctor’s offices, outpatient facilities, and surgical centers. It gives you the opportunity to discover your potential in the medical field, provides a fundamental foundation for your success as a medical professional, and provides a great starting point for your career in healthcare. Visit, you will most likely interact with an assistant physician first.

An important role on the health team by exercising a variety of clinical and administrative skills. Above all, If you are pursuing a career that offers opportunities to work in the administrative, laboratory, and patient care areas of a doctor’s office  Before visiting your doctor during a typical office visit, you will likely interact with a medical technician first by providing an important role on the health team Exercises variety of clinical and administrative skills. AIHST offers the best medical technician certification if you’re looking for a career that offers opportunities to work in. Also, The administrative, laboratory, and patient care sectors of a doctor’s office or clinic, healthcare might be right for you.

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School of Medical technician Virginia, Herndon, USA

Zenayda Jassmin Garcia Rogel
“Their courses are really professional and it was a short but fun journey. I totally recommend their courses to anybody who is interested. They are the best!.”
Zenayda Jassmin Garcia Rogel
Remy Muanda Matondo
“I completed the medical assistant program from AIHST. The teacher was so great at his job. It was a great experience! Learning never felt better!”
Remy Muanda Matondo

Benefits of being a medical technician

How to become a medical assistant in Virginia? Becoming a medical technician is a quick path, from start to finish. Benefits of being a medical technician, most programs last a year or less. Our Medical Assistance program only lasts 10 months, together with a 180-hour internship in an outpatient health facility so you’re ready to hit the field and start the race.

It is not always easy to get a job, but as a medical assistant, you are in demand. In fact, Medical Assistant jobs are growing much faster than almost any other public health jobs. As the baby boomers get older, they need more health care. We’re talking about 76.4 million people, or nearly a third of the population of the United States, and almost all of them will be in the healthcare system. That’s a huge demand!

There are advantages to being in an industry that is in high demand: it is a very stable career and salary growth is high. For example, The median salary for a medical assistant is currently $ 32,946 and ranges from $ 30,377 to $ 35,570. A high demand for medical assistant jobs means that labor sales are low. and the industry is largely protected from layoffs even when the economy is bad.

You enjoy working with people! You want to be a light in someone’s dark moments or just bring a smile to the day. If this describes you, you could make a great medical assistant. Medical assistants interact with people every day and provide valuable help. Support for doctors and nurses in their area. Many jobs don’t offer the opportunity to make positive changes in people’s lives, but medical assistants can go home with the knowledge at the end of the day. It’s meaningful work!

Some people find a lifelong career as a medical technician, others use certification as a step towards a longer professional career. For example, careers in nursing, medical coding, and related health administration might one day be of interest to you.

Medical technician work in a variety of settings including hospitals, doctor’s offices, patient homes, outpatient facilities, surgical centers, and medical clinics.

an assistant physician’s responsibilities include clinical tasks like drawing blood and performing basic laboratory tests, as well as administrative tasks like updating patient records, billing, and scheduling. Above all,  AIHST graduates rely on working in all of these clinical and administrative areas and more. If you like work that is constantly evolving, you will enjoy the work.

Medical technician must complete and pass the Certified Medical Assistant (AAMA) exam issued by the American Association of Physician Assistants. This license shows that you are a professional in your field, which creates trust. Also, You work with other licensed individuals. Professionals so that everyone around you has the same knowledge base.


Medical assistants are medical professionals who support doctors in clinics and medical practices. They can show you around the exam room, measure your vital signs, and check your height and weight. Medical assistants will interview and refer you to your symptoms and health concerns. Although medical assistants work directly with doctors, they cannot provide medical advice to patients. Its functions are limited to gathering information and preparing the doctor and patient for the doctor’s visit.

Medical technician often take medical records and record patient vital signs. Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. The tasks vary depending on the location, subject area and size of the healthcare jobs.

While it takes a little hard work, determination, and a lot of focus, getting to the nurse is not impossible. Rather, healthcare is one of the easiest avenues to a career in healthcare. Becoming a Medical technician is now easier than ever!

From 2020 to 2030, the number of medical assistants is expected to increase by 18 percent, significantly faster than the average for all professions.

Your program will teach you many skills such as CPR, patient care, and patient care, as well as the ability to perform basic medical tasks such as injections or vital injections. Other skills may have been acquired through previous work or school experience.

Healthcare differs from other health-related professions and public health jobs such as nursing assistants or nurses, in the overarching training that goes with it, while nurses are mainly concerned with patient comfort and nursing assistants focus mainly on the aftercare of nurses. Medical assistants are known to perform a wide variety of roles, from assisting doctors to performing patient tests to performing administrative tasks.


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The goal of our Medical technician Certificate Program

Our goal is to prepare you for a career as a medical technician. You will learn how to measure vital signs, record medical history, perform EKG injections, and much more. Graduates from our program are well trained in both clinical and administrative skills; This versatility enables it to be used both in reception and in the medical sector.
In addition, we value professional communication so that you can communicate well with colleagues, patients, and other medical staff. In the AIHST training, you will become a versatile team member with the ability to provide structural support to administrative, clinical, and laboratory departments and will include greeting patients, updating and completing patient medical records, filling out insurance forms, scheduling appointments, and the Organization of reception and laboratory services. You will also be classified as an Associated Healthcare Professional serving in one of the various medical institutions.