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Core Values-Aihst

American Institute of Health Science & Technology is a dominant student-centered training institution for the next generation of allied health and technology solutions. It is committed to deliver educational experiences in the classroom and clinical environment that promote student success in becoming a professional in specific career field. Each department promotes the satisfactory development of the following for each student to make sure all courses, requirements and policies are driven toward these goals:

  •  Academic excellence and integrity – To offer academic programs of high quality that emphasizes the integration of theory and practical application through Safe and competent technical skills, Problem solving skills and Critical thinking.
  • Diversity and Teambuilding-Using professionalism and ethical conduct to support the academic programs by providing appropriate facilities, equipment, and learning resources regardless of religion, race, sex, origin or ethnicity in a diverse environment 
  • Commitment to student success –To maintain a wide range of student services, including academic advising, financial aid, career placement and successful licensure or certification in the program field, where applicable.
  • Professional Development – To develop an outstanding faculty consisting of trusted individuals that are highly respected and qualified by experience, training and who are dedicated to the individual development of their students using effective communication with healthcare peers and patients in the medical language.