Empowering Futures through Quality Education

Welcome to the American Institute of Health Sciences and Technology (AIHST), a SCHEV Certified training institute nestled in the heart of Virginia. At AIHST, we are dedicated to shaping the future by providing top-notch education in a range of specialized courses. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a focus on affordability, sets us apart as a leading institution in the realm of professional training.

Who We Are:

Established with a vision to bridge the gap between education and industry demands, AIHST stands as a beacon of learning, innovation, and growth. Our team comprises seasoned professionals and educators, passionate about imparting knowledge and fostering the development of skills that truly matter in today’s dynamic job market.

SCHEV Certification:

AIHST takes pride in being a SCHEV Certified institution, ensuring that our courses meet the highest standards of quality and relevance. This certification is a testament to our commitment to delivering education that aligns with industry needs and regulatory benchmarks.


The American Institute of Health Science & Technology (AIHST) is a Christian-based institution that prepares and trains healthcare and technology professionals who are critical thinkers and will provide exceptional evidence-based education and knowledge within our community, statewide, nationally, and internationally. AIHST inspires students to become competent, ethical professionals (leaders) in health care, science, and technology for the betterment of our society.


AIHST intends to become an exemplary career-readiness model in the local, state, national, and global healthcare, and technology training arena by providing quality healthcare and technology courses and instruction. Our courses are tailored to ensure that all the needs of the students are catered for and that their aspirations as well as ambitions are achieved. The institution will collaborate with other learning institutions to ensure that the curriculum offered is well-equipped to prepare graduates as qualified and knowledgeable healthcare and technology professionals.

Learning Objective:

AIHST accomplishes its mission and vision by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Produce graduates with the competency to pass licensing examinations and become licensed professionals in their career field.
  • Equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in business organizations.
  • Develop a cadre of experts in healthcare, science and technology professionals
  • Develop students’ creative, critical, ethical, and logical thinking to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Demonstrate academic excellence by continuously evaluating our programs, services, and students’ learning.
  • Recruit and develop qualified faculty and staff who provide practical academic and support services that foster student persistence and success.
  • Engage strategically with community, business, and academic partners to develop and empower students through service, career, and additional educational opportunities.

Why Choose AIHST:

  • Industry-Relevant Education: Our courses are designed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure that you acquire skills that are in demand.
  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from seasoned professionals and educators dedicated to your success.
    Practical Learning: Immerse yourself in hands-on, practical exercises that prepare you for real-world challenges.
  • SCHEV Certification: Trust in an institution recognized for meeting the highest educational standards.

Join AIHST on the path to success. Explore our courses, experience unparalleled learning, and unlock a world of opportunities. Your journey towards a brighter future begins here.